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  • When will the Freedom Tower reopen?
    MDC’s Freedom Tower, a National Historic Landmark, is undergoing renovations and will reopen in 2025.
  • How old is the Freedom Tower?
    Opened on July 26, 1925, the Freedom Tower will turn 100 in 2025! Read more about the history of the Freedom Tower. Visit the History of the Freedom Tower
  • Can I help support the Freedom Tower?
    Yes, you can get involved by becoming a Friend of the Freedom Tower, sharing your story about what the Freedom Tower means to you, or by making a donation.
  • What will my donation be used for?
    Your donation will help support new museum galleries occupying 36,700 square feet in the Freedom Tower. Best-in-class experience design will guide visitors through the Tower’s rich history as both a newspaper headquarters and a refugee assistance center. Housed in the “Ellis Island of the South,” these technologically advanced exhibits will allow museum-goers to reflect upon the waves of exiles that have transformed our city.
  • Im unable to contribute financially at this time. Is there another way I can get involved?
    Yes. Help us spread the word by following us on social media and sharing our posts with your own friends and followers. Sign up for our newsletter and find out about upcoming Freedom Tower events you can attend.
  • I have stories about my family’s experience in the Freedom Tower. Can I share them?
    Yes, share your story and add to the record of the building’s history as a welcoming refuge (El Refugio) for people fleeing oppression. Visit the Tell Us Your Story page.
  • My family has documents or objects that relate to the history of the Freedom Tower. Can I donate them to the new museum?
    Right now, we are not accepting donations to the museum. But we would love hear about what you have. Drop us a line at
  • Can I work at the new Freedom Tower?
    We are not hiring right now, but future job openings will be posted on the College’s Jobs at MDC web page.
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